Works cited for portfolio 3 video


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Blogging Prompts, week of 4/3

  • I guess I have used something from the internet in an unethical way. Like, I copy and paste photos a lot and use them for the background on my laptop, you know, stuff like that. Copyright laws don’t work too well on media from the internet unless it’s music or something.
  • A video that inspires me is actually posted on my blog, titled under the “How to Get Tested For STDs” post. I love the use of animation. It makes the message less intimidating.

Being the slacker that I am, I’m just now starting on the review of literature portion of Portfolio 2. For some reason I never learn my lesson when it comes to procrastination. I guess I’m a professional procrastinator, which isn’t a good thing, by the way.

Required post, week of 3/27


I feel that my annotated bib is great. I gave detailed summaries for each source, and provided equally detailed assessments and reflections. I’m still so far behind, though. I need to start on the review of literature, which is most likely going to be the most stressful and time consuming part because of its structure and requirements. The reflective overview will be no problem to complete. I do feel like my sources are helpful in helping me to explain and provide support for my argument. This project is tiring! And I thought Portfolio 1 was a hassle.

Required post, week of 3/20

  • I have viewpoints from doctors, science reporters, directors from the CDC, etc. I need more sources from the perspective of parents and teens/ young adults.
  • As far as subheadings I’m thinking of the following: facts and statistics, most common STDs in the teen/ young adult community, why are STD case rates so high?, parent and government involvement, solutions.
  • As of now, I’m trying to organize my sources and quotes so that I can actually start on the bibliography.